Eating is a necessity, but knowing how to eat is an art, as the saying goes. At the same time, knowing what to eat is just as important. However, not many people know the importance and effect some foods can have on our health. Furthermore, many people are unaware that oral hygiene is essential for overall health, not just tooth health. And while there are foods that are good for your teeth, there are far more foods that can cause them to decay. Not to mention that certain foods that you might think are healthy are actually harmful. As a result, we decided to compile a list of the worst foods for your teeth. So keep reading to see if you know all the culprits in our list.

Acidic fruit

We love citrus fruits for their high concentration of vitamin C. They are great as juices as well as eaten raw. Unfortunately, the high acid concentration in them is harmful to your teeth. That acid is so strong that it can erode enamel. Not to mention that it can be very unpleasant if you suffer from mouth soreness. So even if you think that lemonade cannot harm you, it can speed up decay in your teeth. However, you do not have to stop eating citrus or drinking citrus juice. Just make sure that you consume it in moderation and drink plenty of water afterward. That way, you will clean your teeth of the acid that can linger on them and cause trouble.

Bread based products

Who doesn’t love a piece of toast with a bit of butter on it for breakfast? Or eating some tasty crackers while watching a movie? Well, we need to inform you that bread-based products are not as innocent as they might seem. They contain carbohydrates that can be very bad for your teeth. When carbs are chewed and mixed with saliva, they turn into sugar. Furthermore, the sticky paste produced when you chew bread will adhere to your teeth and cause cavities over time.

However, there are some alternatives you can try to keep your teeth healthy, even if you enjoy eating bread products. For example, you can eat bread and crackers made of whole wheat. Whole wheat products are not so rich in sugar, and they break down harder. Also, seeded bread is a much better choice than white bread. It contains less sugar and is more nutritious.

Fast food meals

If you know that a burger is harmful to your health, a complete fast food meal is even worse. Adding a carbonated drink and fries to a meal creates a sugar bomb. And even if the soda is the diet kind, it still contains acid that helps decay teeth. Moreover, dark-colored beverages are by far the worst culprits that there can be. Besides coating your teeth in acid, they can also discolor and stain them. In addition, adding french fries can cause more harm to your teeth. Potatoes are a starchy food and a carbohydrate that will break down into sugars. As a result, in addition to the sugar in the burger bun, sauces, and soft drinks, you add extra sugar to your body with fast food like fries. Therefore, we think that it is safe to say that fast food is a no-go when it comes to the health of your teeth.

Dried fruit

Does this entry on our list come as a surprise? We must say that, while dried fruit is a healthier snack than others, it causes tooth decay. Figs, raisins, apricots, pineapple, and prunes, to name some of them, become sticky when dried. When you chew them, they stick to your teeth and the crevices between them. Furthermore, they release lots of sugar that will cause your teeth to develop cavities. And if you think that it can’t be worse than what chocolate does to your teeth, you should reconsider. Chocolate does stick to the teeth and contains lots of sugar, but it also washes away faster. As a result, it is better to eat fruit when it’s fresh or thoroughly clean your teeth after eating it dried.

Crunchy snacks

Even though you already know that everything that crunches in your mouth is terrible for your teeth, we should highlight several foods that you would not think to be harmful. Almonds, peanuts, popcorn, and chips are some of the worst foods for your teeth. First of all, most nuts are hard textured and can cause microcracks and splintering in your teeth. You should eat them slowly, chewing them as much as possible.

Secondly, popcorn can be hard on your teeth, and it always gets stuck between them. Make sure to have a toothpick or floss at hand when you eat popcorn, and be careful with the unpopped kernels. You can easily break your teeth in them if you eat popcorn by the handful. Lastly, we have potato chips that are starchy, sugary, and sticky. Be sure to wash your mouth well after eating chips and even use floss.


Ice is one of the worst foods for your teeth because it does double damage. First, because it is hard, then because it is cold. Even if you think of it as just frozen water, an ice cube can permanently damage your teeth. Chewing on ice can cause cracks and microfractures, and it can even cause loosening in crowns. Furthermore, because of its coldness, it can cause discomfort to sensitive teeth. Ice can inflict sharp pain, and you might need to take painkillers or visit the emergency room. Therefore, maybe it is wiser to consume water in its liquid form. Your teeth will surely be grateful.

Final thoughts

Before choosing your next snack or a refreshing drink, maybe you should think twice. As you can see, there are foods that you may consider healthy and harmless, but that actually are some of the worst foods for your teeth. Although it’s okay to indulge every once in a while, you shouldn’t make a habit of consuming them regularly.

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