Because dentures are hard and stable, they can be uncomfortable for your soft palate. Dentures can be used as an artificial replacement for teeth but they do have limitations. These steps will help you keep your dentures and mouth healthy.


You should not eat with dentures unless you feel comfortable with them. It may take some time for dentures to completely replace your natural teeth. Start by eating smaller portions of food and gradually increase your intake until you are comfortable with the denture. You will feel more confident and be able to eat a variety of foods.


Make sure to clean your mouth and dentures regularly. Warm water can be used to clean your dentures and mouth with a toothbrush or denture brush with soft bristles. Make sure to clean the denture’s surface.

Avoid harsh cleaners that can cause scratches on the polished surface. Before you put the denture back in your mouth, rinse it well. Use a medium-sized toothbrush for cleaning the entire area that the denture covers. Plaque-like substances can form on dentures and should be removed daily.

Relaxing your Mouth

After a few hours, take out the denture. This will allow you to rest your mouth.

Maintaining a Fit Body

Every year, the dentist will examine the bite force and fit of dentures. To ensure that they don’t place pressure on your mouth, the dentures will need to be adjusted according to changes in the shape of your mouth. As this is a matter for a professional, don’t adjust them yourself.


Your saliva production will increase after the dentures have been inserted in your mouth.

Sore Spots

The newly-inserted denture can cause mild irritation. The dentist can re-align the denture to eliminate the irritation. You should stop wearing the dentures if you feel extreme pain. The dentist can detect irritation if the denture is worn at least three hours before it is adjusted.


It is not a major problem, as it stops after a certain time.


The new denture will cause speech disruptions. Although it might be embarrassing, the denture will not last more than one week. It is possible to adapt by reading loudly.