Crowns Norwalk CT

To complete crowns or bridges, it usually takes between two and four visits to the dentist. In the first visit, the teeth are prepared and the molds are created. Temporary bridges and crowns are used to protect the teeth during the custom restoration. Because the teeth are anesthetized, the lips, roof of your mouth and tongue will become numb. Consume nothing hot until the numbness wears off.

Sometimes, a temporary restoration may be necessary. In such cases, you should contact us. You can try putting it back in its original position to see if it works. If it doesn’t, bring the temporarys to our clinics. Our experts will re-cement them. To prevent movement of other teeth that could affect the fit of your final restoration, the temporary must be fixed in one location.

To keep your temporary food from sticking to your teeth, avoid eating sticky or hard foods. Instead, chew on the opposite side of the mouth. While you can still brush your teeth in the normal way, flossing should be done with extra care. You should pull the floss towards the temporary, and not the space between the contact points.

Temperature sensitivity and pressure are normal reactions. They should subside after a few weeks. Only take the prescribed pain medication from our doctors. Contact your dentist if you are experiencing persistent pain or other problems.