Crown Lengthening

Tooth Revival- Crowns Norfolk CT

For restoring a tooth, it is important to have a strong and healthy dental structure.

Crown lengthening is recommended for tooth infection near the gum line or if the tooth has been broken extensively.

You can access the firm tooth structure by removing a portion of the gum or the bone.

What happens during surgery?

Once the area feels sensationless, the local anesthetic is used to make a small incision. The gums are then gently lifted away from the tooth.

To expose the natural tooth structure, the gum tissue and bone are removed. This will provide a solid base for the crown. It will also maintain a substantial distance between the bone and the gumline.

To speed up the healing process, the treated area is then stitched.

After a few weeks, the core of the tooth has been prepared and is ready for the crown. The crown protects the tooth from infection and acts as its shield.

Crown lengthening helps to strengthen the tooth and revive it. It also makes the area where the tooth touches a crown easily accessible and easy to brush.