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When is a root canal necessary?

Root canals are necessary when the root of a tooth is damaged or the nerve becomes exposed. This can cause pain. If you need a root canal, Bridgeport Connecticut residents should contact us.

Every person’s natural tooth is precious. Sometimes, your natural tooth may need Endodontic (root canal), medication to keep it healthy.

These signs are indicative of endodontic disease:

  • It’s painful while you bite
  • Sensitivity to heat or cold is a constant condition
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Severe pain, throbbing
  • For example, when flying in a plane, you may feel pain from the changing atmospheric pressure.
  • When you eat anything sweet, it can cause pain
  • Swelling or tenderness near the gums

You must also understand that sometimes there may not be any indications. If you have any of these symptoms, please contact us immediately. There may be other problems with your teeth besides a root canal. Endodontic conditions include decay, fillings that are not correct, periodontal disease, and other issues. Root canals are often as common as filling a cavity.

Endodontic Disease can cause swelling?

Infection can occur when the pulpal tissue becomes diseased or becomes necrotic. The infection spreads from the tooth to nearby bones, causing swelling in surrounding tissues.

If you don’t get treatment, the infection will worsen and spread to other tissues. If you wait to see an expert, this can lead to serious complications. Visit the Norfolk CT Clinic to make an appointment with one our specialists.