Ensure that you take good care of your tissue during recovery. Clean teeth will accelerate the healing process.

Allow the dressing to stiffen, if necessary. Do not consume anything hot or cold for at least three to four hours.

After-operative care for a Tooth Extract

The recovery vacation lasts approximately one week to two weeks. There might be swelling the first two days.

The anesthetic is used before the surgery to make your tongue, lips, and teeth sensationless. This will ensure that you don’t feel any pain. After the surgery, you must wait at least two hours before eating or chewing anything.

To avoid nausea, do not eat painkillers if you are feeling empty.

To soothe pain, you can also apply an icepack to the area. Keep it on for twenty minutes, then let it rest for another twenty minutes before applying again.

The area where the tooth was extracted will have a blood clot. This clot is important in the healing process. You should not touch the tooth with your fingers or tongue, don’t drink any liquids, and avoid spitting forcefully as this will cause the clot to be disturbed.

Keep your sinus medications ready if you have allergies or are suffering from an upper respiratory condition. Don’t sneeze, blow your nose vigorously or sneeze – it could cause the clot to move which can hinder your recovery.

On the day of surgery, do not eat or smoke and don’t wash your mouth.

After a day, rinse the area with a mild mouthwash or lukewarm water. Combine half a tablespoon of salt and one cup of lukewarm, warm water. Apply the solution to the wound. Repeat this process twice to three times daily for seven days following surgery.

Follow the prescribed medication even if you feel no symptoms or infection.

After surgery, do not engage in any strenuous activities for 24 hours. Instead, try to relax and take a deep breath.

After the numbness is gone, you can eat again. Get at least eight glasses of water or fruit juice daily.

To minimize bleeding, keep your head upright with the aid of a pillow. You will receive a gauge sponze so you can cover your extraction pit.

You can change the pads as needed and continue to use them until the bleeding stops completely. For twenty minutes, continue to chew a moist teabag. If the bleeding continues or increases, please call us.

Initial discomfort will result from the empty space caused by the extraction. This gap will gradually be filled with new gum tissue and bone.


Normal is a slight swelling.

To reduce swelling, apply an ice pack to your face for 20 minutes on the day of surgery. Continue this interval for another 20 minutes before applying the ice again.

If swelling persists after a few days, rinse the area with warm saline water.

Bleeding and Bruising

After the surgery, there will be a slight amount of bleeding for about a day.

If the wound is still bleeding or becomes more severe, contact your doctor immediately.

In the morning, you may find traces of blood on your pillow.


Drink no warm liquids for three to four hours following surgery.

Avoid spicy or hard-to-eat foods, and stick to easy-to-cook mushy items that have high nutritional value.

Remember to eat healthy meals throughout the treatment. This will help speed up your recovery.

If you are unable or unwilling to eat regular food, it is strongly recommended that you take food supplements (e.g., Sego, Ensure, Nutriment and Sego)

Last but not least, no smoking.

If you have any questions or concerns, call your doctor.