Dental Implants in Norfolk CT

It is important to follow your dentist’s instructions while you are receiving post-operative care. After successful placement of dental implants, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics.

To stop bleeding, the dentist will instruct you to bite down on a gauze pad in a firm but gentle manner. You will be given a packet of gauze to take home and place at the surgery site. Change the pads every time you use them, until bleeding stops. Doctors recommend that patients take a small amount of moistened tea packet. You should contact your doctor if the bleeding continues.

A painkiller will be prescribed for any discomfort you may experience after surgery. An ice pack can be applied to the swelling for up to twenty minutes. Your doctor will determine the duration of an ice pack. Apply heat to the area two days following surgery (e.g., a teabag)

Keep your head elevated for the first 24 hours after surgery to reduce swelling and bleeding. You should rest well and refrain from doing any strenuous activities for the first three days following implant surgery.

You should drink at least eight glasses of water or juice daily and only eat soft foods like soup, yogurt, and other dairy products. During the first few days after surgery. Use warm salt water to rinse your mouth three to four times daily. Spit carefully to avoid any complications.

After your jaw bone grows close to the titanium posts there may be some discomfort. This can last for several weeks. To reduce the pain, you can take ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Contact your dentist if you have any questions or face any problems.