Orthodontist Norwalk CT!

Orthodontist Norfolk CT
Orthodontics simply refers to the process of straightening your teeth with various devices, such as braces. As they experience it more often, teens can help you understand it. This is because teenage years are the most suitable time to undergo the procedure. Many people still have their teeth straightened in adulthood. Our clinic has an orthodontist team that is dedicated to all patients.
For adults, the procedure takes longer than for children. This will prevent you from getting any dental problems, such as tooth decay. The practice is also available for adults, though the process will take longer. Norfolk CT dentists are skilled in ensuring that every person has straight and healthy teeth.
There are many options for orthodontics available, each with its own special skills. There are both ceramic and metal brackets available to meet the needs of each patient. Ceramic braces are whiter than traditional ones.
Invisalign Norfolk CT is the leading provider of Invisalign in Connecticut. Clear retainers (also known as aligners) are used to straighten teeth slowly and gradually. The aligners are virtually invisible, which is why most people prefer it. The aligners can be removed to clean teeth or eat. This doesn’t change the process. These are great alternatives for people who don’t want braces.
We at Dental One, LLC believe that everyone deserves straighter teeth and a brighter smile.