Dentist Norwalk Connecticut & IV Sedation

IV stands for intravenous. The sedative medication is administered in the veins. Because of its fast effect, it is the preferred choice.

The IV sedation medication is dispersed by a small needle that you place in your elbow or hand.

People are often afraid of needles which can make the process difficult. Oral sedation is possible, even though the sensation is similar to a slight pinch or a prick. Ask your dentist for an oral sedation prior to and after injecting the medicine.

IV Sedation is intended to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. This is essential to ensure that the doctor can properly diagnose and treat your problems. This will not only eliminate anxiety and pain, but it also allows you to hear the dentist. Even if you have difficulty sitting in a chair, the sedation can help. Sedated, you will not be aware of the sights, sounds, or smells in the clinic. Your comfort level can be adjusted by the dentist to adjust the amount of sedation. The medication works quickly and is able to be completed as quickly as possible.

Every patient is different and so the recovery process may vary. Many patients feel better as soon as the IV medication is stopped. Do not drive or operate large machines for 24 hours after your appointment. If you have nausea, the dentist can help. After the surgery, drink plenty of water and sleep well. Ask your dentist about the recovery time and precautions. Many cases of pain relief after treatment can be due to the patient’s relaxation, which allows the doctor and the patient to do their best.

It all depends on what type of dental insurance the patient has. The insurance usually covers the cost of IV sedation. Before you make an appointment, ask your insurance company. The Dental Associates Group is home to Bridgeport Connecticut’s best dentists, as well as specialists in IV sedation.