Have you ever heard that the risk of premature birth or birth of babies of low birth weight is 700% higher in pregnant women suffering from periodontal disease? The increased level of certain hormones during pregnancy can also lead to gingivitis. So, how can pregnant women take care of their teeth and oral health during pregnancy?
The level of hormones during pregnancy is increased and the rise of progesterone leads to overreaction in the gums when they get in touch with dental plaque. In cases like this, pregnant women can easily develop gingivitis. So called pregnancy gingivitis occurs in women between the second and eight month of pregnancy and some of the symptoms include sensitive and swollen gums, redness in this area and tendency to bleed when the teeth are brushed or flossed.
It is not unusual for pregnant women to experience pregnancy tumors. These tumors are malignant changes that occur in the gingival area as a result of irritations caused by gingivitis and dental plaque. Pregnancy tumors often withdraw on their own after childbirth, but if they cause pain or fear it is the best idea to visit a dentist.
Periodontal disease has been related to problematic pregnancy few decades ago. Scientific studies have confirmed that there is a link between this disease and premature birth.
In order to keep your dental health safe during pregnancy, don’t ignore dental hygiene. Regular brushing, proper diet, flossing and using mouthwash are very important for dental health. Make sure to visit the dentist before and right after you get pregnant. In addition, make sure to stay informed. When you are the dentist’s office, talk with the dentist about the effects of pregnancy on your oral health. Finally, take care of all the problems with your teeth before you get pregnant if that’s possible.